Selling with us from just £995!  

Offering what we believe is the best estate agent package in the area, our fixed price selling fees start from just £995 for a full professional estate agency service. Our offering is simple and transparent with no hidden extras. 

1.  Nothing to pay upfront!  

We do not charge any fees upfront. It has become common for agents to try and make some charges upfront, and this means you often pay for something whether they sell your house, or not. With Good Life you only pay us if we sell your home ... so you have nothing to lose!  

2.  GUARANTEED no withdrawal fees!  

It’s very common for estate agents to make a withdrawal charge if you decide not to sell your house. This can be several hundred pounds or even more. With Good Life Homes, if you decide not to sell your property, wwill not make a withdrawal charge.  

3.  Only pay via your solicitor on completion and only if you sell your home! 

You only pay us at the end, on completion via your solicitor once your property is sold.  

So, in summary, you pay NOTHING upfront to list your home, you pay us NOTHING upfront if you withdraw and decide not to sell.  

We are not aware of any other estate agency package offering this range of “risk free” facilities.  


A full traditional estate agency service for internet estate agent money! 

At Good Life Homes we continuously review our offerings to make sure we can bring the absolute best value estate agent services to our clients in the Sunderland area. We are a local business employing local people serving our own community.  

1.  Stunning Photography & Professional Marketing 

We offer professional marketing and fabulous photography and images of your home with thoughtful accurate descriptions designed to attract attention and professional valuations based on over 20 years of valuation work in the area. 

2.  Accurate Valuations 

Accurate valuations save you a lot of time and heartache. Our job is to get you as much as possible for your home but ultimately a property is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.  Because we make so many sales in the Sunderland area, we know exactly what prices are being achieved in all property types. Inexperienced or internet agents usually do not have the experience required and this can often end in disappointment and wasted time.  

3.  Advertising & Mailing Lists  

We market your property on all the major property portals (including Rightmove, Zoopla etc) but also use social media campaigns effectively. We also have our own huge data base of waiting buyers for all property types, so we leave no stone unturned.  

4.  Negotiation & Verification 

We are excellent and well-trained at negotiating on your behalf, and this is something we do every day. This skill can repay our fee many times over compared to internet or inexperienced agents and should not be undervalued. We also verify buyer's details and chain details to ensure you have as solid a sale as possible hugely reducing the amount of fall throughs which is so common with a lot of agents.  

5.  Local and Experienced - For You  

Being local and experienced, we have good working relationships with all the local solicitor firms. Once your sale is agreed, we monitor the sale process with your solicitor and can continue to assist with negotiations if issues come up on valuations or with solicitor's searches or enquiries. Again, this part of the process, done well, can really make a difference to getting your house sale over the line.  


Why use anyone else? 

With an unbeatable fee structure and service combined with our experience, you really could not be in better hands if you are thinking of selling your home in the Sunderland area.

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At Good Life Homes, we have a simple business approach:

"To treat all clients in the manner we would like to be treated ourselves".

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